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There is an expression that states “Age before beauty”.
But, in the world of web design, this is not the case.

This should NEVER apply to your business website.

As you journey across the Internet, you will see many website designs aging poorly. Usability, look and feel as well as performance all can lead to a loss in customer base and search engine rankings dropping drastically.

Have you ever looked at a website and wondered “Should I do business with this company?” Can you look at your website today, compare it to to other businesses in your field and believe that you would have repeat sales? Did you know “96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back” – (Source: 1Financial Training services).

Should you be looking at a redesign? We have seen many websites that have us saying we need to make it our mission to “Beautify the Web”

Huffington Post  has a great article that discusses “5 Important Reasons to Redesign Your Website”. Lets take a look at these reasons.

  • Your Content Management System or Website Technology Is Out of Date

“It has been said that one human year equals at least four Internet years. That’s how fast technology is progressing, however some website platforms and content management systems haven’t kept up.”

If your design was created by scratch, or is not using the latest CMS (like WordPress), you could be missing out on features needed to sell your product or business online.

  • Your Website Design Looks Old and Outdated

“First impressions count. Plenty of research shows that you only have a few brief seconds to get the user’s attention and to convey enough value to engage them.”

Would you rather visit (and purchase products) from this website…

Fullscreen capture 1142015 123934 PM.bmp

or this website

Web Design by SiteDart Studio

Now decide where your website design is compared to others in your field.

  • Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

“Consumers have different needs when accessing information and services on their mobile devices. They are in a different mindset. Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have “mobile intelligent” features, like one click dialing for example.”

FACT: Younger audiences will purchase more and much quicker than an older audience.

FACT: Younger users on the net will most likely be visiting your site via a mobile phone or tablet.

Based on these facts, take a look at your site on your phone or tablet and see how many customers you may be losing now.

  • You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

“No matter how much you like your website, you would probably like it more if got the results you wanted. Getting results is a direct result of how you attract, engage, convert, measure and optimize your website towards your business goals.”

We are currently dealing with a redesign for a customer who has wondered why he is not getting more business. His website was designed 10 years ago. Not mobile friendly; old style usability; cluttered and confused… and the business is facing an aging audience that has already used his product.

If his site does not allow mobile customers and looks old and worn out, building a new customer base will not take place unless he builds for that new audience. Which leads to….

  • Your Business Focus Changes

“Business goals change over time and you want your website to support these changes. The great thing about new technology is that it gives your business the ability to shift focus easily and quickly. It also gives your business more opportunities to expand into different areas.”

As noted above. Focus needs to change. An aging customer base means that your product is not viable for that audience anymore. As well, changing focus can give a fresh outlook for design and content. The business can evolve and target a different demographic and rebuild their business.

Where do you start? How can you get on the right track and help “Beautify the web”?

Why not start by looking at StickFigure Sites. See if your business field is listed and take a look at some sample designs. Then contact us and we will “Handle it” for you. A modern web design, Ecommerce, and Business Branding (or rebranding) could help increase your sales and search engine optimization to help your customer base find you online.

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