How Much Should You Pay For Your Website

How much should you pay for a website

One of the bigger questions customers struggle with (and our team as well) is… “How much should you pay for a website?”

Once you have made the decision to either setup your web presence online, or start a web design makeover, what are the costs associated with this task? There is quite a bit of information out there that can cause headaches in this regard. If you have decided not to make a website yourself, then what should you be paying a professional web designer? What we like to do is show what others are charging for this type of work first.

This website developer professes “Plato Web Design charges $2,500 for a small business site (one of the lowest rates on the internet), which includes a high quality custom web design, marketing help, and lots of other great freebies”. They also show a cost calculator on their site. Why not give it a go yourself to see where you end up. We will wait for you to come back…


Website Cost Calculator


Did you find your pricepoint? Are you shocked?

But, lets not take their word for it. This next blog discusses the cost of website development and design every year. Here is their latest article for 2015…


“How Much Does a Website Cost in 2015?”


A lot of our customers get squeamish when they read this. Even our rates, which can be 30% to 50% less than the competition gives the customer wallet shock.

But, talk should really center around what YOU, the customer, wants. You could get a website for 300-500 bucks, but what will that final product look like? See our previous article that discusses “What Your Customer Sees”. Will they come back if your website is less than functional, or does not “Beautify The Web” in some way.

“No matter how much you like your website, you would probably like it more if it got the results you wanted”


Your 300-400 dollar website

Will that cheap website get you results?

For SiteDart Studio, the team takes a different approach. We try to calculate the amount of time we need to spend on a site to get content in place (does the business already have good, descriptive text for their website, or do they need help creating it?). Next we will discuss options with the customer to find out their budget and needs. We know not everyone can pay that lump sum upfront, so we do offer payment plans to suit their business needs.

We then will go a step further in developing that site. We offer a great managed hosting plan that makes sure your site is secure, backed up, and FAST. We do a full SEO sweep of pages, images and blog posts to help get you noticed. We offer website branding packages that gets you on social media and connected with that customer base. We even offer logo design, business cards for your business and more.

The next time you ask “How much should you pay for your website”, also ask yourself what you really want your website to do for you.

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